Marcescence - Timberline PLR 15


'Marcescence' is an, not quite right......'Marcescence' is an "Inverse" album to Timberline's previous album 'Florescence'! Floris was originally meant to be 24-26 songs, but a handful of songs just didn't quite "fit" the larger themes of Floris, and so were florally abscised and planned to be released as a small EP of outtakes... (these songs included early drafts of "Marcescence", "Osedax", + "Wither", and nearly complete iterations of "Florid" + "Anther") but, as these things often occur, my bed and i became affixed, the empty streets became my safety, the pavement provided counsel, and the open cabinets and windows once scenic became enclosed. And so, the songs expanded, responding and framing clarifications of the statements once yelled, written, and sang with heartfelt certainty. While Floris encompasses and horizontally surrounds, Marce narrowly holds itself up with vertically frail strands. When Floris calls for the joining of voices from a solitary room, Marce withdrawals from the choir to sing quietly behind closed doors. Where Floris ends with the breaking of windows and walking out into the light, Marce stands outside that old room as the sun sets and the boarded up quadrate offers no assurances.
1. Tether
2. Love Like Foxes
3. Anon #5
4. Wither
5. May 15th
6. Osedax
7. Won
8. Rubicund
9. Clarity
10. Manchineel
11. Bye
12. Tinsel
13. March 8th
14. Lucid
15. Days Better
16. Florid
17. Fade
18. Anther
19. Marcescence
20. October 21st

All songs written, recorded, mixed & mastered
by Jesse Sanders
backing vocals by Rachel Melton
songwriting on "Lucid" by Rachel Melton
additional backing vocals on "Manchineel" by Kate Ryan

this album goes out to all those who've felt like they've been listening to their life from inside a closed hallway