Florescence - Timberline PLR 13


Timberline's sophomore album, 'Florescence', was recorded during a summer of transitions in his girlfriend's basement. In the midst of late evening walks, half-eaten meals, unfinished books, and loss of routines, the concept of 'Florescence' began to fill the static of the softly lit recording space: to embrace both bloom and decay, to be florid in the perception of our experiences, to find comfort while sitting in the darkness, and to remember when to open the blinds and let the light in. 'Florescence' is available as a Digital Download, CD, and for Vinyl pre-order.
1. Temporary
2. Better Days
3. Horsetooth
4. Jeep
5. Second Guess
6. August Snows
7. So Lost
8. Hi
9. Anon #4
10. Telogen
11. Static
12. Long Sleeves
13. February 13th
14. Now
15. Shade
16. I Miss Now
17. Towhee
18. Every Night
19. Flannel
20. Florescence

All songs written, recorded, mixed & mastered
by Jesse Sanders
backing vocals by Rachel Melton
songwriting help on "Shade" by Rachel Melton
thanks to Jim Melton for allowing me to record in his basement + having a sporadic air ventilation system

this album goes out to all those who've felt like they've been looking at their life from outside a distant window