Harmony - Timberline PLR 07


Timberline's debut album, 'Harmony', was recorded sporadically throughout 2017 and the first half of 2018. Recorded on an old 24-Track, the album features static filled ambiance, voicemails, introspective lyrics, over 10 instruments, and hints of contrasting genres and various influences. "Harmony" is a compilation of tracks centered around false starts, nostalgia, uncertainty, and the fear of apathy. 'Harmony' is available on CD, Cassette, and as a Digital Download.
1. I Don't Care
2. Always Late
3. Anon #1
4. Unstable
5. Ritalin
6. Nothing's Changed
7. Circle
8. Please Don't Die
9. Anon #2
10. Too Much of Me in My Life
11. Panphobia
12. Relevant
13. Lake Superior
14. Elk Rapids
15. Brighton
16. Don't Wake Me Up
17. Kings Corners
18. Ramblewood
19. Omw
20. Thnx 4 Listening

All songs written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesse Sanders with help from Madi Draxler.