/J/A/C/E/ W/H/I/T/E/

Jace White is a pianist who produces music in classical style, with heavy use of arpeggios and syncopation. His main influences include Nobuo Uematsu, David Lanz, Yiruma, and Jim Brickman.

Once on a family vacation Jace was listening to the piano song "The Three Trails" from the Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack and was overcome with emotion because of the pianist's talent and the piece's sublime nature. After that vacation, Jace was inspired at the age of seventeen to teach himself how to play piano and produce his own music to make others feel the same as he felt that day.

Jace loves to hike, disc golf, play video games, listen to music, and read. Jace's life and music represents honesty, tranquility, and peace